PocketStreamer 3.5

Enjoy short movies on a long journey or a trip home

LIVE streaming TV, radio, music, news, and weather. Have a live entertainment center in your hands! Enjoy music, TVs, weather, news, radio and short movies from anywhere at anytime! Your favorite music including Jazz, Rock, Blues, 80s, Classical, Latin, Contemporary, Country and more. Listen to the latest headline news, market commentary and sports teams and comedy including include CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, ESPN, comedy and talk shows. Regional, national weather and forecast and local weather of your coming vacation or business trip. Watch CNN, ABC Now, BBC, Bloomberg, Cartoon Channel, Earth Channel TV right from your hand. Enjoy of latest headline news, financial market updates, entertainment and more. Enjoy short movies on a long journey or a trip home. Create your personal favorites from mp3 collection and favorite web streaming sites. Intuitive interface with easy toggle of multiple views. NO subscription required!

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